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Kangaroos possess powerful hind legs, a long, strong tail, and small front legs.
There the biggest of all marsupials, standing over 6 feet (2 meters) tall.
Kangaroos belong to the animal family Marcropus, literally ("big foot").
Thanks to their large feet, kangaroos can leap some 30 feet in a

single bound, and can travel more than 30mph (48kmh).
Kangaroos use there strong tails for balance while jumping.
live in eastern Australia. They live in small groups called troops
or heards ("mobs" by Austalians), typically made up of 50 or more animals.
If threatend, kangaroos pound the ground with their stong feet in warning.
Fighting Kangaroos kick opponents, and sometimes bite.
Female Kangaroos sport a pouch on their belly, made by a fold in the skin,
to cradle baby kangaroos called joeys. Newborn joeys are just one inch
long (2.5centimeters) at birth, or about the size of a grape.
After birth, joeys travel, unassisted, through their mom's thick fur to the
comfort and safety of the pouch. A newborn joey can't suckle or swallow,
so the kangaroo mom uses her muscles to pump milk down their throat.
At around 4 months, the joey emerges from the pouch for short trips

and to graze on grass and small shrubs. At 10 Months, the joey is
mature enough to leave the pouch for good.
Besides humans and wild dogs called dingoes, kangaroos face few natural
predators. Heat, drought, and hunger due to vanishing habitat are the
biggest dangers kangaroos face. - National Geographic
Type: Mammal
Size: 10 ft (3m) tall from nose to tip of tail
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Groupe Name: Troops or Heards

Size relitive to a
6 ft (2m)man:
Kangaroo - Marcropus giganteus
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